T3 Services

T3 Services is a family-owned and operated equipment repair shop specializing in horse and livestock trailers, ATV, snowmobile and small engine repair.

Small Equipment Repair

20 years journeymen in outdoor power equipment and trailers

We provide comprehensive small equipment repair and maintenance services on everything from lawnmowers and ATVs to horse and livestock trailers.

If you want your equipment to perform at its best regularly and for a long time, then an inspection is the best way to ensure that it is in top shape and able to handle any job.

safety inspections

Locally owned and operated.

Welding Repair – Aluminum and Mild Steel

Trailer Welding repair

We work with aluminum and mild steel and offer a wide variety of trailer repair services.  From repairing minor cracks and breaks, to cutting out whole sections that are bad or rotten and welding new material in place, to retrofits, custom additions and installations. We have the expertise to provide most repairs with top quality workmanship.

An Update From T3services Regarding COVID-19

In these uncertain times, we want to ensure the safety of our clients and our family by following Health’s recommended measures. We will be practicing social distancing whenever possible and sanitizing all our tools and equipment.