Repairs, Inspections and Welding

Repairs and

We provide comprehensive small equipment repair and maintenance services on everything from lawnmowers and ATVs to horse and cattle trailers.


Some pieces of equipment by law require regularly scheduled safety inspections. However, safety inspections even if not legally required...

Welding Repair – Aluminum and Mild Steel

Our staff of welders will repair trailer hitches that may have broken from normal wear and tear and/or replace the trailer hitch altogether.

Service Overview

Horse and Livestock Trailers

Trailer electrical, brake, bearings, jacks, roof repairs, and general maintenance including hinges, roof sealants, wiring, axles, tire maintenance and more.

Light duty trailers

Trailer structural repairs, cracks and breaks. Axles, and Axle Attachment Bolts or Welds. Hitch installation and repair, general maintenance and more.


Mechanical and electrical repairs and replacement. Boat engine and trailer repairs, retrofits and more.


Track replacement and extensions, suspension, engine rebuilding, chaincase oil changes, brakes, controls and more.


Maintenance and repairs, tune-ups, engine repairs, welding and more.

other services :



Off Road Vehicles

We also service small engine equipment like lawnmowers. If you don’t see your equipment listed here, please send us an email or give us a call to inquire. Chances are we’ll be able to help you get it running again! 

Why choose T3 Services

At T3 Services, we believe that communicating often with the client is key. Because we value in-person communication, you are able to talk directly to the service technician repairing your equipment. If you ever have questions, concerns or requests, you are able to bypass the middleman and get whatever information you need right from the source.